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"The Cable Television Technology & Information Page"

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Concept of this site:

Wavetek Standard Battery Pack Rebuild Service.    Get that dead Stealth battery pack rebuilt so it lasts like it did when it was new!
Wavetek High-Capacity Battery Pack Rebuild Service.    Get that dead SDA-5000 Stealth battery pack rebuilt so it lasts like it did when it was new!
General Sweep Information.     Good rule of thumb information.
Directional and Non-Directional Test Points.     Seeing what is behind you or possibly what is ahead of you.
Directional and Pressure Taps.      What are taps made from?
Splitters.    How are different configuration splitters made?
Pads and EQ's   What are Pads and EQ's and how and why are they used?
Off Air, FM, and CATV Channel frequency chart.    Frequency vs. Channel Assignment and more!
Jerrold Return Path Information Download.    PDF document on designing and maintaining the return path (Zipped).
Simple XL Spread-Sheet on CATV Design.   Written by Kevin Custer and Scott Zimmerman

Jerrold Electronics, some brief history      Where did Jerrold come from?

Construction of Sweep Tools.    Build items that will save time and increase production.

Construction of Maintenance Tools.     Build items that will save the technician time.

ANTEC Laser Link II optical equipment.    Information on AT&T / Antec / Scientific Atlanta optical transport systems of the mid 1990's. This documentation incudes recommended RF drive levels of several Lasers of the era.
Information courtesy of Mike Whitley of Cisco

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